Innovative Private Equity Business Intelligence services

Business intelligence chart for deal tracking

DAVIGOLD has launched its new Department: Business Intelligence Services (BIS).

Indeed, taking advantage of its in-depth expertise in both software development, reports, dashboards and Private Equity, DAVIGOLD BI experts have built the most advanced BI dashboards and reports, allowing investment professionals to visualize better all their data.

PE professionals can benefit from this new service at two levels:

  • Internally, to present beautiful reports and dashboards to the Executive Management and the Board of Directors
  • Externally, during a fundraising process or the fund management itself (e.g.: BI reports in fund quarterly reports)

End-users can quickly create custom dashboards and reports, related to all their data:

  • Deal flow (e.g.: charts showing deal flow stages by quarter)
  • Portfolio companies (e.g.: charts presenting investee's key financials Actual Vs Budget over the last five years)
  • Funds under management (e.g.: vertical columns showing total management fees generated by quarter, and carried interest generated every year since fund's inception)
  • Limited Partners (e.g.: donut displaying the proportion of commitments of every LP in the fund)

After analyzing your data, DAVIGOLD can offer you custom BI solutions that best fit your needs.