Create your Private Equity reports and customize your own report center

DAVIGOLD embraces the reporting guidelines required by International Limited Partners, recognized as world's best practices, such as ILPA ( and EVCA (

For a demonstration of our intuitive solution for customized private equity reports, please contact us; our reporting tool is to be used by every PE professional, including CFOs, COOs, Analysts, Associates, Directors and Partners.

Selected functionalities of our reporting platform include:

  • Create any report, in any selected module: Deal flow, Portfolio, Investor Relations, Fund Administration
  • Choose the format: Excel, Word or PDF
  • Select the report level: for a particular entity (a portfolio company or an investor for instance), or for a group of entities (all the portfolio companies of a specific fund, or all the LPs of a fund)
  • Drag and drop all software data into the selected report, including calculated data based on Excel formulas.
  • Create advanced reports such as:
    • Portfolio company profile
    • Fund quarterly report
    • LP capital account statement
    • Drawdown and distribution notice
  • Save all your report templates, so that you can modify the templates later on
  • Organize all the created reports into our report center, so all reports are easily accessible by module
  • Automate report sending by e-mail, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis