Deal flow solution for direct deals and funds


Please contact us to learn more about our deal tracking tool; below are some selected functionalities.

Deal sourcing, tracking and due diligence phases

  • Centralize all your transactions into a single fast web solution, so your deal flow will be securely accessible on desktop browser and mobile devices
  • Monitor all the investment opportunities categorized based on their phase, such as preliminary, due diligence, letter of intent, presentation in investment committee, closing or declined
  • Track all the deal due diligence tasks, internally and externally (appointment of external advisors)
  • Log all the meetings and e-mails related to a particular investment opportunity, through seamless MS Outlook synchronization organized at the deal level
  • Integrate all the relevant market transactions into your database, with plug-in to external data sources such as Capital IQ and Unquote

Deal financial data and performance

  • Upload and link directly financials from an Excel valuation model into the software, in a single click
  • Track deal key ratios at closing date, such as valuation multiples
  • Create performance simulations by saving multiple cash flow scenarios, which can link to your forecasted valuation model based on different assumptions

Target company information

  • Upload automatically target investee's data, including contact details, board representation and legal corporate information
  • Access and store updated financial statements of the target
  • Track financial data of complex structures, such as combined and consolidated financial statements of holdings / subsidiaries

Improved investment decision-making

Enhance relations with deal originators

  • Identification of the most active brokers, based on defined investment criteria
  • One-click access to view all the submitted deals from each deal source
  • One-click display of all third-party transactions completed by originator
  • Rating tool to identify and rank brokers

Simulate various deal scenarios using various financial instruments to optimize financing structures

Simulate deal forecasted IRR and Equity Multiple based on forecasted cash-flow operations (E.g.: dividends, and proceeds from exit)

Create custom performance scenarios such as optimistic, pessimistic, and medium

Automate alerts to avoid reviewing the same investment opportunities

Robust deal reports and documentation

Customize your deal flow reports in any format, such as:

  • Deal memorandum
  • Deal weekly committee review / Investment committee presentation
  • Deal flow quarterly analytics, with user-custom dashboards assessing the quality of your deal flow

Integrate your existing documents and folders under each deal, through automatic mirroring of your drive of documents into the solution, at the project level