Private equity CRM to centralize all your firm's contacts and communications (meetings, e-mails and tasks)

Please contact us for our Private Equity CRM full list of features; below are some examples.

Centralize all team's contacts into a single web platform, with seamless Outlook synchronization allowing you to keep some selected contacts private

Track information on the companies you deal with and categorize them: Limited Partners, prospective investors, investees, target companies, external advisors (you can change those categories)

Manage data on contacts and corporates you deal with, readily available in tabs:

  • Contact / Company details
  • Actions (Emails, meetings, and tasks related to every contact/corporate)
  • Documents attached to a contact or a company

Export to Excel in one click the full list of contacts/companies, with user-selected data to export

Benefit from the Outlook two-way synchronization:

  • Calendar synchronized between Outlook and the software
  • Outlook meetings and e-mails automatically attached to a contact, company. and to a deal.

Search across all contacts, meetings, tasks, attached e-mails and documents at the same time