M&A reporting solution to analyze easily and quickly the performance, such as deal profitability

Please feel free to contact us for more details on our M&A reporting tool. Below is a list of some functionalities.

Reports: leverage your data by easily creating all types of reports

Select templates from our M&A software library based on the industry's best practices (e.g.: Deal and call reports, Company profile and report on active transactions);

Create your reports with DAVIGOLD Report Engine:

  • Choose the format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF);
  • Export images and user-defined graphs;
  • Generate your report accordingly that contain user-selected data and charts

Schedule selected reports automatically sent to the management team, via e-mail;

Dashboards: enhance your M&A business intelligence

Choose templates from DAVIGOLD library of more than 50 dashboards (E.g.: Deal, seller dashboards);

Create your dashboards with DAVIGOLD Dashboard Engine:

  • Customize dashboards at the user level or user-role level;
  • Create one or several dashboards for each entity: deal, acquirer, client

Drag/drop data and charts to insert in every dashboard