Mergers and acquisitions' CRM to better collaborate internally

Centralize all team's contacts into a single web platform, via Microsoft Outlook synchronization (each user can maintain privacy of personal contacts)

Categorize contacts into groups (e.g.: Corporate, Private equity house..)

Gather all contact actions (emails, meetings, tasks) via seamless Microsoft Outlook synchronization, within a contact's “Actions” tab

Track contact information through well-organized tabs:

  • General contact information (with details and notes)
  • Positions, including Board memberships
  • Actions
  • Documents

Monitor external advisors

  • Define the hourly/daily rate
  • Calculate expenses of each advisor
  • View the list of deals sourced by each advisor

Enhanced monitoring of the universe of acquirers/sellers

Generate instantly the list of relevant buyers for a particular deal, matching between acquirer appetite and the deal criteria;

Track their updated status and interest in a given transaction;

Monitor the checklist of standard or specific tasks and documents related to every prospective acquirer/seller

Access the list of all the deals submitted to an acquirer/seller