End-to-end M&A solution dedicated to investment banks and corporates

DAVIGOLD software for Mergers & Acquisitions covers the full scope of activities of the investment banker or any professional specialized in M&A transactions.

DAVIGOLD solution to manage all M&A activities

Our robust platform handles all the M&A operations, starting from deal origination, through deal execution and post-execution operations.

Our deal tracking tool helps you originate and centralize all your potential, closed and declined transactions; after the deal sourcing phase, investment bankers will be able to manage their due diligence tasks, until the deal execution. Then our tool for Mergers & Acquisitions will also assist you in managing the post-acquisition process (mainly for corporates which acquire companies).

The right system for all types of businesses related to Mergers & Acquisitions

DAVIGOLD M&A platform suits every organization dealing with M&A transactions; this includes:

  • Top-tier investment banks
  • M&A boutiques
  • Auditing firms which have an advisory department
  • Corporates which acquire companies, so all professionals from the corporate development department can monitor their deals within our system.

Targeted M&A professionals

Every professional and every department from your organization can benefit from our end-to-end Mergers & Acquisitions' software, including from the advisory team: analysts, associates, senior advisors, directors, executive and managing directors, chief executive officer.

From the back office team, the chief operating officer and chief financial officer will also manage all their reports, monitor the Key Performance Indicators through DAVIGOLD M&A solution.

The head of your legal department and chief compliance officer will also benefit from our new enhanced compliance and legal-related functionalities, such as Know-Your-Customer custom templates.

The M&A platform that fits all types of deals and all industries

As our solutions are 100% customizable, your team of investment bankers can customize particular workflows, based on the transaction type and client industry; so our solution will help you manage M&A deals from both buy and sell sides, as well as corporate spinoffs and takeovers.

Some industries require custom workflows, for example, the acquisition of a financial institution, or to track specific KPIs in the oil and gas sector. So our M&A solution can be easily customized to fit any transaction.