Project management tool tailored to corporate finance activities

Easy access to your projects and sourcing tools

  • Centralize all your prospective, active, closed and rejected projects in one web platform
  • Customize your pipeline dashboards, at the user level
  • Customize transaction workflows based on the operation type such as Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Strategic alliance and joint venture
  • Originate potential projects based on user-defined keywords, sector preference and wish list of project types
  • Leverage your existing deal third-party databases to display all the deal peers from the same business area, geography and size

Organize all project information into structured tabs

  • Track all project critical information, such as project type, size, sector, notes
  • Capture all deal financials, including actual, budgeted and forecasted financials; users can also manage Excel valuations of forecasted financials automatically uploaded to the system
  • Synchronize all e-mails, meetings from Outlook under every particular project
  • Review all the individual contacts and parties involved in a deal, including the internal team and all the external advisors hired to carry out due diligence tasks
  • Track all the project due diligence tasks, for instance: IT audits, legal and financial due diligence, commercial and environmental reports
  • Access instantly all the project documentation, including version control of every document

Track the time spent, other costs and revenues associated with every project

  • Use our customizable timesheet model tracking the time spent by every team member on a daily basis, to calculate the internal cost by project
  • Manage all the expenses with every external advisor, by project and at a consolidated level (total costs with each vendor, by year)
  • Calculate every project's profitability, based on recurring and success fees on the project
  • Create simulations of Key Performance Indicators by project, based on estimated timelines and revenues by project